About Us

Nature is our essence

In Bamboo City, our mission is to exhibit your desires into mesmerizing natural forms. We do that by creating designs using bamboo as our fundamental material. We the Bamboo City team are at full service for design and implementation. We ensure to enforce the compelling value of bamboo into your world.

We are naturally Unique

Our company is specialized in Bamboo. Bamboo is a beautiful, mass growing plant. It is inherently strong and aesthetically pleasing. Bamboo has been used as a construction material for a long time in the east. Its strength and durability have made it a particular material in design. Consequently, Bamboo is environmentally friendly which makes us Naturally Unique.

Our Vision

From the finest forests in the East, our Bamboo is harvested and brought into our country. Our purpose is to develop exquisite design in resorts, recreational areas, and residential projects. Nevertheless, we aim to evolve this desired lifestyle among all GCC countries and the Middle East.