What is Bamboo

Bamboo is the name for more than one thousand species of the giant grass, which consists of semi-wooden trunks and most bamboo species are hollow trunks and divided into nodes and joints and is the fastest growing plant in the world.
Bamboo grows at a rate of one meter per day every, that is means it grows one centimeter each  15 minutes. Hence,  you can see its growing before your eyes, which recorded into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Bamboo are one of the most beautiful, old and long lived plants. it used for rural areas, elegant landscape and living rooms also in offices.
It is also used in the manufacture of furniture and paper and is used in building of houses and is used in the manufacture of musical instruments and in the manufacture of some household items.

African reed Umbrella

Our African Reed Umbrella takes 2 to 4 weeks time for installation . The additional foot is thatch overhang from the umbrella frame itself.

The African reed used in our paneling is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. We only use the highest quality thatch that has been tested for quality to ensure the best products are sold to our customers. Each panel has been trimmed at the ends to achieve an authentic African styled look. An umbrella stand is required for proper installation, and the umbrella will fit in most patio tables.

This African reed Umbrella used in resorts, hotels, restaurants and palaces.

9ft African Reed1


  • Bamboo lends visual interest and a striking design to a landscape given the dramatic height it can reach, as well as variation in leaf size, shape and color.
  • Bamboo comes in hundreds of varieties, and in varying heights and colors for any number of landscaping applications.

Implementation landscape decorations of natural bamboo or mats or straw


Interior decorations

The interior design industry has experienced a huge demand for sustainable designs and has been leaning towards eco-friendly material. Sustainable design can be achieved through the usage of materials that have the minimum amount of environmental impact. Not only do people search for stylish and trending designs, but also opt for building materials that are healthy. These healthy materials are the ones that have least impact on the ecosystem. Thus the use of bamboo in interior design comes into play.

Bamboo comes with benefits such as sustainably and durability and has emerged as breakthrough material in the design industry. The plant itself is aesthetic in appearance and structure and adds to the interiors of the room. The delicate grainy texture of bamboo adds gravity to the interiors of any living space. The amber tone of bamboo ensures that it can easily blend in with any surroundings it is kept in.

Bamboo is also quite versatile and can adapt to any weather conditions. Changes in temperature, humidity, soil and climates does not affect its growth. The rate of growth of bamboo is so high that it does not require any usage of fertilizers or pesticides. That plant itself is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-pest and hence it does not require any other form of pest control.


Rural cottages

We are specialized in create Thatched Roof Resorts and Cottages of any Architectural style, Roofing type, Structural design and Landscaping , Inherently the natural materials have high durability Like : Bamboo Cottages - Wooden Cottages - Mud House Cottages - Tree House Cottages - Modular Cottages - Bamboo Restaurant - Bamboo Hut Thatched Umbrella Swimming Pool - Social forestry.

We are specialized in developing different styles of resorts construction are widely used in building villas, resort hotel, beach seascape, holiday village, theme park, and many other kinds of Resorts building, thatched pavilion. Through our unremitting efforts and practical application, we continuously developed new type of outdoor landscape material, which favored by the vast number of landscape architects. Features : High Quality Resorts Construction. More Than 50 Years Life Span. Fire-Retardant. 100% Water Proof. High Wind resistant. Weather Resistant. Traditional appearance with Modernized Look. Nature-Friendly.

Implementation of cottages made of natural bamboo, mats or straw


Before and After

Rooftop and balcony design is a main aspect of an urban garden design plan. The deck is what grounds the space and connects all the pieces within the design. Think of it as the fabric of a canvas when painting a piece of art.

The decking material holds all the planters, furniture, water features and custom garden structures. We often use hardwood and ceramic tiles within the designs, but cement pavers and composite material are available as well.

Here at Bamboo City, our landscape designers will help you decide what material is best for your space, aesthetically and structurally.

Our master carpenters will execute the design with ease and integrity. Your custom rooftop deck will be hand built by our team of professionals using the finest hardwoods such as sustainable harvested pie.